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Published:2014-06-12 16:40:08

In late eighteenth Century the completion of the first industrial revolution, the modern sense of responsibility forumenterprises industry has fully developed, but the corporate social responsibility concept has not appeared, moralbehavior of corporate social responsibility in practice limited to owners of personal. The starting point of corporate social responsibility idea is Adam Simy (Adam Smith) "the invisible hand". Think that classical economics theory, abest society to determine the required by the market, if the enterprise as far as possible the efficient use of resources to provide the social needs of the products and services, and consumers are willing to pay the price of their sales,enterprises to make their own social responsibility.

By the end of the eighteenth Century, western corporate social responsibility concept began to produce delicate change, the performance of small business owners are often endowed school, churches and the poor.

After entering nineteenth Century, the two industrial revolution brought about by the social productivity, the enterprisegreatly in quantity and scale development. Influence of this period by the "social Darwinism" trend of thought, the social responsibility of business people view is negative attitudes, many enterprises not to assume social responsibility, but have to have close relationship with the suppliers and employees and exploitation, so as to becomethe social competition strong, this idea as to develop industrial production many negative effects.

At the same time, the late nineteenth Century in enterprise system gradually perfect, the working class to safeguard their own rights and interests demand rising and USA government has introduced "antitrust law" and "Consumer Protection Act" to suppress the bad behaviour of enterprises, the new requirements of corporate social responsibilityput forward the concept of corporate social responsibility, has become a historical necessity.